SOFY Hangyul셲
fresh green scent
refreshes and lifts up
your spirits!
#AlwaysRemainTheSame #WithASoftPantyLiner #GoingOnAFoodTour I always enjoy my life and focus on my hobbies as usual right before and after my monthly period! With this panty liner, I am able to make my days livelier, even during those days of the month when I often feel uncomfortable.
Having a wave-shaped cover,
it reduces moisture three times smaller than that of existing products, keeping your skin clean and soft.
* According to our in-house test, the degree of moisture may vary between individuals.
With this pink magic sheet with an absorbency that is 200% higher than existing products, you can always feel refreshed.
* The long panty liner has an absorbency 130% higher than existing products.
It has an air-penetrable outer cover so that it reduces moisture.
Its subtle fresh green scent will lift up your spirits.
The product image may appear differently from the actual product received.

Checkpoints for Ensuring Safety

  • 3 Safety Points It is a safe sanitary pad free of formaldehyde, fluorescent whitening agents, and chlorine-based bleaches.
  • Flower Embossing The sophisticated flower embossing ensures that the cover stays in place so that you can feel comfortable wearing the panty liner.

SOFY Hangyul Fresh Green Sizing Lineup

Size Panty Liner Long Panty Liner Small Medium Large Overnight Super Long (Slim)
SOFY Hangyul Fresh Green 155mm 175mm