end 1st SHARE PAD Campaign

~ 2013.09.29

  • 쁔he day of all women should be respected
  • 1 CLICK = 1 SHARE PAD 
							Just click once to send your true, warm heart to Africa!
							You can participate in it online, offline, and through the mobile.
  • The accumulated shared pads will be saved as fund and used 
							for the dissemination of clean  alternative sanitary pads and 
							education on women셲 health for African girls.

							Menstrual pads for modern women are the first message of congratulations to a girl becoming a lady and also are  monthly sign of 
							health and fitness. However, many women on the opposite side of the world suffer the inequality of opportunity in both educational 
							and social activities due to the menstrual period. They are also threatened by feminine diseases; therefore, we are about to start 
							the share pad campaign to send  girls to school and give them an opportunity and protect their human rights.
諛붾뵒뵾듃 럹씠뒪遺 諛붾줈媛湲