Spread your wings and fly higher and further than ever with SOFY! You will shine bright even during
your monthly period with SOFY.
Spread your wings and fly higher and further!
All women have their own invisible wings. When they can셳 stop smiling and don셳 sense the passing of time,
thinking they are the happiest people in the world,
their wings spread up toward the sky.
However, there are also times
when they feel their wings shrinking and disappearing.
It is when they have their monthly period!
Is this feeling inevitable?
If you add up all the days that a woman menstruates in her lifetime,
you will see that menstruation lasts for 6 years and 9 months.
It is too precious a duration of time to spend with your wings folded.
Why don셳 you let your wings spread out
even when you have your monthly period?
To make you brighter and happier during your red days,
SOFY is ready to cheer you up with its advanced technology.
Don셳 stop fluttering your wings! Get ready to fly higher and further anytime with SOFY!