Soonhanmyun makes you
feel comfortable during
your sensitive days!
#EveryDay #Comfortable #SafeForMyBody #NaturalCotton I do care about the products that come into contact with my skin. That is why I use Soonhanmyun, which has a 100% natural cotton cover. I feel safe while using this panty liner as it is natural.
As it has a natural cotton cover, you can feel secured with your health while using this product.
It has 26 magic adhesive strips to be attached to your underwear, allowing you to freely move.
* The long panty liner has 30 magic adhesive strips in accordance with our design policy.
It excellently absorbs sweat and discharge so that you can feel refreshed as if you are wearing freshly washed underwear.
The product image may appear differently from the actual product received.

Checkpoints for Ensuring Safety

  • 5 Safety Points It is a safe sanitary pad free of formaldehyde, fluorescent whitening agents, color additives, chemical fragrances, and chlorine-based bleaches.
  • Flower Embossing The sophisticated flower embossing ensures that the cover stays in place so that you can feel comfortable wearing the panty liner.

Soonhanmyun Sizing Lineup

Size Panty Liner Long Panty Liner Small Medium Large Overnight Super Long (Slim)
Sunhanmyeon 155mm 175mm 25cm 29cm 42cm