100% organic
cotton cover
makes you feel comfortable and
relief every day
#EveryDay #Comfortable #100%Organic I do care about the products that come into contact with my skin. That is why I use Sunhanmyeon, which has a 100% natural cotton cover. I feel safe while using this panty liner as it is natural.
As it has a certificate of the OCS 100 Standard, this panty liner is safe to use.
Certification Authority: Control Union
Certification Standards: OCS
Certification Number: CU855452
Grade Level Label: OCS100
Only the cover of the surface consists of 100% organic cotton.
*Organic cotton cover is made of organically grown cotton in a land where neither agricultural pesticides nor chemical fertilizers were used for more than three years.
As it perfectly adheres to your underwear and remains intact despite active movement, you can freely participate in activities.
It excellently absorbs sweat and discharge so that you can feel refreshed as if you are wearing freshly washed underwear.
The product image may appear differently from the actual product received.

100% Organic Cotton Cover Sizing Lineup

Size Panty Liner Long Panty Liner Small Medium Large Overnight Super Long (Slim)
100% Organic Cotton Cover 155mm 175mm 21cm 25cm 29cm 33cm