Thanks to Guierang
Comfort Sleep,
you do not have to worry
about menstrual odor
My friends envy me, saying that I do not seem to worry about my monthly period.
During the exam period, they keep asking me why!
My secret to spending my days without feeling exhausted
during my monthly period is Guierang Comfort Sleep.
I am lucky to experience deep sleep even during those days of the month!
With the world셲 first Etiquette Tap,
you can cleanly and discreetly dispose of sanitary pads!
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#NoMoreWorriesAboutLeakage #SafetyHipGuard #GoodNight #ComfortSleep There are times when I could not sleep well at night during my monthly period, worrying about leakage. But now, I can enjoy deep sleep, thanks to the safety
hip guard of Comfort Sleep.
This hip guard perfectly fits with and covers the curve of my hips, giving total protection against leakage.
#Simple #Clean #EtiquetteTap #GoodMorning #Korea-First Patent I am a neat person who likes to keep things clean and tidy. Even during my monthly period,
I remain the same. Thanks to the Etiquette Tap that ensures comfortable sleep,
I can cleanly and discreetly dispose of sanitary pads.
#MugwortFromGanghwadoIsland Mugwort is an excellent remedy for relieving chronic lower back
and shoulder pain that many women suffer from, and for dispelling cold and moisture from the body.
It is also highly effective in making the body warm, helping in the treatment of various gynecologic disorders.
#AngelicaRoot Angelica root pharmacologically facilitates the blood flow in coronary arteries and increases red blood cells. In addition to this, Angelica gigas is excellent in improving blood circulation.
#NutGrass Nut grass is a medicinal herb often used for gynecologic disorders.
It is a remedy for various symptoms and disorders originating from the disruption to the flow of Qi such as stress, sleep disorders, depression, and menopausal symptoms.

* The descriptions are efficacy of medicinal herb ingredients.

SOFY Guierang Comfort Sleep 330 Overnight 33cm
SOFY Guierang Comfort Sleep 420 Super Long 42 cm
Medicinal Herbs intended to reduce menstrual odor
Containing reliable ingredients,
such as mugwort from Ganghwado Island, angelica root, and nut grass,
it gets rid of menstrual odor.
븳諛⑹꽦遺꾩쑝濡 깂깉嫄깆젙 NO!
  • 썝 룷씤듃뿉꽌 鍮좊Ⅴ寃 諛李 씉닔
    늻슫 옄꽭뿉꽌룄, 뮘泥숈뿬룄 씤泥닿뎄議곗뿉 뵲씪 吏냽쟻쑝濡 諛李(fit) 릺뼱 諛 룞븞 깮由ы삁쓣 솗떎엳 씉닔빐 븞떖븷 닔 엳뼱슂!
  • 넂씠 14mm쓽 珥덉엯泥닿쾶뜑
    珥덉엯泥닿쾶뜑媛 紐몄뿉 떊異뺤꽦엳寃 諛李(fit) 릺뼱 땲쓣 留뚮뱾吏 븡븘, 쁿 깦뿉룄 븞떖븷 닔 엳뼱슂!

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