SOFY셲 bleach-free,
Soonhanmyun Comfort Sleep makes
you feel comfort all night without
worrying about leakage!
My friends envy me, saying that I do not seem to worry about my monthly
During the exam periodthey keep asking me why!
My secret to spending my days without feeling exhausted
during my monthly period is SOFY Soonhanmyun
and Bleach-Free Inner Cover Comfort Sleep
I am lucky to experience deep sleep even during those days of the month!
With the world셲 first Etiquette Tap, you can cleanly and discreetly
dispose of sanitary pads!
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Using this bleach-free Inner Cover shows that
SOFY cares not only about the parts
that touch your skin but also those that do not.
#NoMoreWorriesAboutLeakage #SafetyHipGuard #GoodNight #ComfortSleep There are times when I could not sleep well at night during my monthly period, worrying about leakage. But now, I can enjoy deep sleep, thanks to the safety
hip guard of Comfort Sleep.
This hip guard perfectly fits with and covers the curve of my hips, giving total protection against leakage.
#Simple #Clean #EtiquetteTap #GoodMorning #Korea-First Patent I am a neat person who likes to keep things clean and tidy. Even during my monthly period,
I remain the same. Thanks to the Etiquette Tap that ensures comfortable sleep,
I can cleanly and discreetly dispose of sanitary pads.
#NoMoreWorriesAboutSideLeakage #AnyPositionIsOK #ImmediateAbsorptionAtOnePoint I could not sleep well during my period, worrying about leakage
as I toss and turn a lot while sleeping. However, after discovering this highly absorbent pad with 14 mm high meta-dimensional gathers,
I have become able to finally enjoy deep sleep.
#Dermatest #DermatologistTested
#NoSkinIrritation #ExcellentMarkObtained
By using the 100% Natural Cotton Cover, which has obtained the
쏣xcellent mark after the skin irritation test at Dermatest, a German
dermatological research institute known for imposing strict standards and
procedures, you would feel comfortable during your monthly period!
SOFY Soonhanmyun and Bleach-Free Inner Cover with the Color of Nature Comfort Sleep
Super Long 42cm
Bleach-free inner Cover For sensitive skin
SOFY cares not only about the parts of a sanitary pad
that touch your skin but also those that do not!
Without the bleaching process, the inner cover takes on
the color of nature instead of a plain white.
臾댄몴諛 냽而ㅻ쾭

Bleach-free inner Cover Color Comparison

Check out the color of nature achieved by the inner cover
without whitening from the bleaching process.

틽ompare with other products
湲곗〈 뿉꽌 臾댄몴諛
100% Natural Cotton Cover that resembles nature
This absorbent sanitary pad, which is gentle on the skin,
will make you feel secured.
360쨘 Fit꽕怨
깘 땲 뾾뒗 븞떖 옓媛뱶
븞떖 옓媛뱶媛 옓씪씤쓣 꼻寃 媛먯떥二쇱뼱 깘 땲뾾씠 븞떖 닕硫댄븷 닔 엳뼱슂.
湲곗〈 젣뭹:깘 땲씠 엳뼱슂!,븞떖닕硫 젣뭹:깘 땲 뾾씠 Fit!
븞떖 옓媛뱶濡 깘 땲 뾾씠 븞떖닕硫
꽭怨 理쒖큹
뿉떚耳볧꺆 쟻슜
援궡理쒖옣 42cm湲몄씠룄
뿉떚耳볧꺆쑝濡 궗슜 썑 룎룎 留먯븘꽌
媛꾪렪븯寃 踰꾨┫ 닔 엳뼱슂.

SOFY Soonhanmyun bleach-free absorption pads with the color of nature Sizing Lineup

Size Panty Liner Long Panty Liner Small Medium Large Overnight Super Long (Slim)
옄뿰쓽 깋 臾댄몴諛 25cm 39cm