Comfort Sleep Panties
make you feel
comfortable, without
worrying about leakage!
My friends envy me, saying that I do not seem to worry about my monthly period.
During the exam period, they keep asking me why!
My secret to spending my days without feeling exhausted
during my monthly period is Comfort Sleep Panties.
I am lucky to experience deep sleep even during those days of the month!
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#NoMoreWorriesAboutLeakage #AtHome
Thanks to panties with a 360째 fit design, which gives total protection against leakage, you can enjoy deep sleep even when you have a large amount of menstrual blood. All you need to do is to simply wear one panty. It is easy and convenient. You can enjoy deep sleep even during your exam period when you normally become sensitive.
#WhenTraveling #NotAfraidOfTravel
It is so light and absorbent just like an underwear that you can enjoy traveling long term without having an opportunity to change you pads.
Size M Underwear Size 9095
Size L Underwear Size 95-105