Bleach-free absorption
pads are
gentle on your skin.
Using this bleach-free inner cover shows that
SOFY cares not only about the parts
that touch your skin but also those that do not.
#PenetrationHoles #CleanAndSoft
#Clean #UpForAnyActivities
The penetration holes exclusively found in Soonhanmyun excellently absorb
menstrual blood, keeping your skin clean and soft.
t helps me continue doing my daily tasks and focus on my hobby.
#Dermatest #DermatologistTested
#NoSkinIrritation #ExcellentMarkObtained
By using the 100% Natural Cotton Cover, which has obtained
the 쏣xcellent mark after the skin irritation test at Dermatest, a German
dermatological research institute known for imposing strict standards
and procedures, you would feel comfortable during your monthly period!
#Korea-First Patent #Simple #Clean
I am a neat person who likes to keep things clean and tidy especially during my
monthly period. Thanks to Etiquette Tap, I can cleanly and discreetly dispose of
my sanitary pads even on heavy flow day.

Etiquette Tap is available for large and super long types.

Bleach-free inner Cover For sensitive skin
SOFY cares not only about the parts of a sanitary pad that touch your skin but also those that do not!
Without the bleaching process, the inner cover takes on the color of nature instead of a plain white.
臾댄몴諛 냽而ㅻ쾭

Bleach-free inner Cover Color Comparison

Check out the color of nature achieved by the inner cover
without whitening from the bleaching process.

틽ompare with other products
湲곗〈 뿉꽌 臾댄몴諛
100% Natural Cotton Cover
This absorbent sanitary pad, which is gentle to the skin,
will make you feel secured.
100% 쑀湲곕냽 닚硫댁빱踰
Penetration Holes exclusively found
in SOFY products
SOFY셲 absorbent pad immediately absorbs
your menstrual fluid without leaving a trace
on its surface
while its air-permeable,
naturally-patterned cotton sheets feel
gentle on your skin.
Magic Clean Cover that keeps your skin
clean and soft all day
This Magic Clean Cover immediately absorbs
menstrual fluid and *reduces the amount of blood
staying on the surface by half, which keeps your
skin clean and soft all day.

*according to our standards

Standing Gathers intended to reduce
the risk of leakage
Standing gathers
on both sides will lighten
your worries about leakage.
Gently Raised Structure that perfectly fits your body
There is no need to worry about leakage
with a pad with a raised structure
ideal for women셲 body shape.
No-Leak Safety Hip Guard that perfectly fits your
body to prevent leakage
It perfectly fits your body and provides total
protection against leakage

even when you have a large amount
of menstrual blood
The product image may appear differently from the actual product received.

룜뵾留뚯쓽 꽭怨꾪듅뿀 꽭怨 理쒖큹 뿉떚耳볧꺆쑝濡 뮮泥섎━源뚯 源붾걫

SOFY Soonhanmyun and Bleach-Free Inner Cover Sizing Lineup

Size Panty Liner Long Panty Liner Small Medium Large Overnight Super Long (Slim)
옄뿰쓽 깋 臾댄몴諛 25cm 39cm