It's twice as thick and
absorbs twice as quickly.
Body Fit Embossed Core
I always look forward to new challenges.
The reason is that I look the most important
when I start working on new things, leaving my comfort zone.
Thanks to Bodyfit Bollocmatum, I can remain my usual self.
With the Body Fit Embossed Core Pad,
you don셳 have to worry about leakage,
so you have the freedom to move as usual.
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#DuringMyPeriod #GoPicnic #WithMyFriends #NoWorriesAboutLeakage Bodyfit Bollocmatum, which has a gently raised structure ideal for women셲 body shape, lightens your worries about leakage during your monthly period and makes you a more active person. With Bodyfit Bollocmatum, you can go to a picnic with your beloved friends. You surely do not have to just stay at home during your monthly period!
#ThanksToAbsorbentPenetrationHoles #NoMoreWorriesAboutLeakage #EvenWhenBiking #GoodWithAnyActivities #OK I enjoy biking even during my monthly period. Bodyfit Bollocmatum uses soft cotton-like side sheets, which prevents pad chafing and helps you freely move around. Bodyfit Bollocmatum is the reason why I can still stay active during my monthly period!
All-New Body Fit Embossed Core 2times thicker for faster absorption

Bodyfit Bollocmatum Sizing Lineup

Size Panty Liner Long Panty Liner Small Medium Large Overnight Super Long (Slim)
Bodyfit Bollocmatum 21cm 25cm 29cm 33cm 42cm