With Sunganheupsu ,
you can feel
your skin stay clean
and soft.
Anti-Rewet Layer That keeps the pad super clean
The anti-rewet layer
always keeps the pad clean and dry.
씪踰ㅻ뜑 뼢湲
This pad is known for its Super Absorbent Cover
It keeps your skin clean and soft
as it immediately absorbs
your menstrual fluid.
Standing Gathers intended to reduce the risk of leakage
The standing gathers on both sides
will lighten your worries about leakage.
The product image may appear differently from the actual product received.

Checkpoints for Ensuring Safety

  • 5 Safety Points It is a safe sanitary pad free of formaldehyde, fluorescent whitening agents, color additives, chemical fragrances, and chlorine-based bleaches.
  • Heart-Embossed Channels for Leakage Protection The heart-embossed channels give you total leakage protection, making you feel secured during those days when you have a large amount of menstrual blood or a lot of physical activities.

Bodyfit Sunganheupsu Sizing Lineup

Size Panty Liner Long Panty Liner Small Medium Large Overnight Super Long (Slim)
Bodyfit Soonhanmyun 21cm 25cm 29cm 33cm