With SOFY Hangyul Rainbow
you can shine your brightest even
during monthly period!
쏶mart and Lovely Pad솪 is a nickname of mine.
People call me that because I셫 a sweet
and lovely pad that does its job well.
I always make sure that I improve my performance every day,
without taking any day off.
I will do my best to give you comfort, making that time
of the month feel just like any other day!
Do you want to know my secret?
You will know it immediately
once you meet SOFY Hangyul Rainbow,
which keeps you trendy even during monthly period.
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#FeelingRefreshed #Stylish
It absorbs viscous menstrual blood while making skin clean and soft.
It셲 also fun to choose from the 7 pleasing colors it comes in.
Definitely a must-have item during my period!
#NoWorriesAboutLeakage #NoMoreStickyFeeling
#AlsoAtWork #FeelingSecured
As I do not need to worry about leakage anymore, thanks to SOFY Hangyul,
I feel more confident in front of others even during my monthly period.
It has become an item I cannot live without.
#OnWeekends #WithASoftPad
I can still take part in various activities and thus enjoy my life even during my monthly period. I normally become sensitive during those days of the month.
As SOFY Hangyul does not cause skin irritation,
I can continue with my daily routine as usual during my monthly period.
#TheWorld셲First #Simple #Clean
I am a neat person who likes to keep things clean and tidy especially during my monthly period. Thanks to Etiquette Tap, I can cleanly and discreetly dispose of my sanitary pads even on heavy flow day.

Etiquette Tap is available for large, overnight, and super long types.

Pleasing Designs from which you can choose
You can choose the pads in an individual package
with each different design
during your period.
而щ윭븳 媛쒕퀎룷옣
Cottony Wave-Shaped Cover that is gentle on your skin
By minimizing the area
that touches your skin,
it neither sticks to nor irritates your skin.
Absorbent Cover with a Diversion Layer
that can absorb viscous menstrual blood
It proliferates and absorbs viscous
menstrual blood,
allowing your skin
to stay clean and soft.
No-Leak Safety Hip Guard that perfectly fits your body to prevent leakage
It perfectly fits your body and혻provides total protection against leakage

even when you have a large amount of menstrual blood

Product image may be different from the actual product received.

Absorption Comparison TEST

In-house test

It rapidly absorbs viscous menstrual blood so that your skin stays soft.

젏룄 넂 깮由ы삁 닚媛 씉닔젰
룜뵾留뚯쓽 꽭怨꾪듅뿀 꽭怨 理쒖큹 뿉떚耳볧꺆쑝濡 뮮泥섎━源뚯 源붾걫

SOFY Hangyul Rainbow Sizing Lineup

Size Panty Liner Long Panty Liner Small Medium Large Overnight Super Long (Slim)
븳寃곕젅씤蹂댁슦 25cm 29cm