With SOFY Bodyfit Cooling Fresh
you can stay cool and fresh
despite the summer heat!
#RefreshingSheet #SummerSanitaryPad Stay cool and refreshed during the hot, stuffy summer
with SOFY refreshing sheets!
SOFY Bodyfit Cooling Fresh is perfect for office workers and
students who sit all day as it blows away all worries
that spike during one셲 period
#DuringMyPeriod #GoPicnic
#WithMyFriends #NoWorriesAboutLeakage
SOFY Bodyfit Cooling Fresh, which has a gently raised structure ideal
for women셲 body shape, lightens your worries about leakage
during your monthly period and makes you a more active person.
With SOFY Bodyfit Cooling Fresh, you can go to a picnic
with your beloved friends You surely do not have to just stay at home
during your monthly period!
#GoBiking #GentleOnTheSkin
#GoodWithAnyActivities #OK
I enjoy biking even during my monthly period.
SOFY Bodyfit Cooling Fresh uses soft cotton-like side sheets,
which feels gentle on the skin.
SOFY Bodyfit Cooling Fresh is the reason why I can still stay active
during my monthly period!
Feeling cool deep inside! Refreshing Sheets
This highly refreshing sheet keeps your mind cool
allowing you to beat the suffocating summer heat!

SOFY Cooling Fresh Sizing Lineup

Size Panty Liner Long Panty Liner Small Medium Large Overnight Super Long (Slim)
Cooling Fresh 26cm 39cm